Our Impact

While mental illness may be a common denominator among the members, that’s not what defines B’More Clubhouse. Instead, the Clubhouse allows members to leave their diagnosis at the door and live their lives on their own terms. Participation in the Clubhouse gives members the self-trust and confidence to find their way back into the momentum of daily life.

And when members are allowed to be more than their mental illness, it leads to reduced recidivism and hospitalization rates, combined with sustained employment and return to education. Supporting B’More Clubhouse means welcoming more members back into the broader community where their strengths and talents can be utilized and valued.


Here's how the work we do makes a difference:

Decrease in Hospitalizations

One year of holistic recovery services are delivered to Clubhouse members for the same cost as a three-day psychiatric hospital stay. Additionally, membership in a Clubhouse program leads to a significant decrease in hospitalizations. And unlike most psychiatric rehabilitation programs where participants are passive, at B'More Clubhouse, participants are leaders.

Reduced Incarcerations
Increased, Sustained Employment