Our Expansion Vision

A Strong Track Record

B’More Clubhouse empowers adults living with mental illness to lead meaningful and productive lives of their choice in the community.

Since our opening in 2009, B’More Clubhouse has been the only Clubhouse in Maryland. What started with a few members and a rented space in the historic Mt.Vernon neighborhood in Baltimore is now a community of 130 active members and a permanent location only a few blocks from where we started.

We have been accredited since 2013 by Clubhouse International for following the Clubhouse model of recovery. With a robust work ordered day for meaningful work; social events; employment, education and housing support for community reintegration, we play a positive role in the recovery journey of many residents in Baltimore City and surrounding areas. We have seen so many members reintegrate into the larger community with a new sense of self and purpose, at their own pace and on their own terms. Some have moved on to gainful employment, some have gone back to school and many have found a place where they are celebrated for who they are and what they can offer, as opposed to being limited by their symptoms and feeling isolated. Through stories and numbers, we have seen that Clubhouses work and we are ready to spread our wings.

Expanding to Reach More Marylanders

B’More Clubhouse is excited to embark on a new project to expand Clubhouses to other jurisdictions in Maryland. Our vision is to have at least one Clubhouse in each jurisdiction. With that in mind, we have been working with state legislators, policy experts, and mental healthcare organizations to share about our work, find communities and identify funding opportunities.

We believe that expanding the number of Clubhouses in Maryland will help fill the gap in mental healthcare with a focus on ongoing social support through meaningful work and engagement. We know that expanding access to more Clubhouses will promote a more sustainable long-term recovery for more Marylanders experiencing mental illness.

If you would like to learn more about how to bring a Clubhouse to your community or would like to join our effort to spread the model throughout Maryland, please contact our Executive Director, Jason Woody, at jason.woody@bmoreclubhouse.org.