B’More Clubhouse is dedicated to achieving its mission of bridging the gap between patient–hood and person-hood. We firmly believe that there is no difference in capabilities of someone with mental illness versus one without. Through Transitional Employment and Supported Employment, B’More Clubhouse helps members move on with their lives by finding jobs in the community. Members who are looking to return to school can find support from Clubhouse members and staff through assistance in completing admission applications, registering for classes, and tutoring. It is the Clubhouse’s goal to help members gain confidence in their abilities and lead productive lives outside of the Clubhouse – in here and out there since 2009.

Facts about Transitional Employment:

Placements in our employment programs are part-time and members are directly paid by the employer. The employer is not responsible for training – a staff member learns the position and trains new members in the position until they are comfortable working alone. Placements are 6-9 months. After the placement is complete members can go to another transitional site or find a job independently. When a position belongs to the Clubhouse, the employer will never have to worry about filling that position again! The Clubhouse will work to find a new member to bring in after a placement has ended. The Clubhouse also guarantees coverage if the member calls out for any reason. Further, employers do not have to provide benefits such as vacation, sick leave, or health insurance which saves the employer money!